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Single Cut

If you are looking for a single cut electric guitar, you are in the right place. At we have a wide variety of models in this category, which are characterized by having a single cut in the body to facilitate access to the highest frets. You can find single cut electric guitars from recognized brands such as Gibson, Epiphone, PRS or D´Angelico, among others. In addition, we offer you the best buying conditions: free shipping from 99€, 14-day return guarantee,  financing and personalized attention.

The Best Electric Guitars Single Cut

Cort CR-100 CRS

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This Cort CR-100 performs a mahogany body and a bolt-on maple neck, with Powersound pickups specially designed to offer a classic humbucker sound and response.


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This outstanding EC-1000 offers a burled poplar top on a mahogany body with a three-piece mahogany neck and Macassar ebony fingerboard. It includes a set of high-output Seymour Duncan Sentient (neck) and Pegasus (bridge) passive pickups

ESP-LTD EC-1000FM Amber Sunburst

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The EC-1000FM has all of the classy LTD Deluxe features that set it apart from other guitars in its range, such as abalone inlays and purfling, full body/neck/headstock binding, and premier components like LTD locking tuners, a Tonepros locking TOM bridge and tailpiece, and classic Seymour Duncan JB/’59 passive pickups.

ESP-LTD EC-1000S Fluence BLK

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With the EC-1000S Fluence®, you get the great look and feel of the single-cutaway design based on the ESP Eclipse along with Fishman’s innovative Fishman Modern Humbucker pickup set for extraordinary versatility in tones


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With the incredible Violet Andromeda finish, this EC-1000 model is simply mind blowing in the way it changes color between shades of purple, blue, and even greenish tints as it reflects light from various angles

What is a single cut electric guitar?

A single cut electric guitar is a type of guitar that has a single cut or notch in the body, usually on the upper part, to facilitate access to the highest frets of the neck. This design became popular with the Gibson Les Paul, one of the most iconic guitars in history, which has been used by great musicians such as Jimmy Page, Slash or Gary Moore. Single cut electric guitars usually have a warm and powerful sound, ideal for styles such as rock, blues or metal.

How to choose a single cut electric guitar?

When buying a single cut electric guitar, you have to take into account several factors, such as budget, level of experience, musical style and personal preferences. Some aspects that you can consider are:

  • The type of wood: it influences the weight, resonance and tone of the guitar. The most common are mahogany, maple and alder.
  • The type of pickups: they are the elements that capture the sound of the strings and convert it into electrical signal. The most common are humbuckers, which have a thick and powerful sound, and single coils, which have a brighter and more defined sound.
  • The type of bridge: it is the piece that holds the strings to the body and allows adjusting their height and tuning. The most used are fixed bridges, which give more stability and sustain, and floating bridges, which allow vibratos and effects with a lever.
  • The type of neck: it is the part where the fingerboard and frets are located. It can be bolted on, glued on or one piece with the body. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of comfort, resistance and sound.

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