ChickenPicks Shredder 3.5mm Jazztype Pick

ChickenPicks Shredder 3.5mm Jazztype Pick

ChickenPicks work just as well for any types of music.

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ChickenPicks Shredder 3.5mm Jazztype Pick

Although the name ChickenPicks® suggests that these guitar picks are meant for playing country music, ChickenPicks® work just as well for other types of music. For example, in heavy-metal sweep-picking you will clearly hear the individual notes. And for rockabilly guitar playin’, ChickenPicks® will pull the real ‘roots’ tone out of your Gretsch guitar. And the rich, round, biting tone of your blues licks is sure ChickenPicks® guitar picks territory too. As an all-around guitar player, you need the versatility of a ChickenPicks®. ChickenPicks® are also excellent for playing bass guitar. And of course, ChickenPicks® are specially outstanding when you are playing blazing chicken-pickin’ double-stops and hot country licks.

Better Performance… Better Sound, with ChickenPicks guitar picks…!!!

The stiffness of the material and the thickness of the ChickenPicks® guitar picks gives you improved performance. A ChickenPicks® guitar pick does exactly what you want. Because these guitar picks don’t bend, action/reaction delay is eliminated. It takes less energy to play the riffs you want, and your picking hand and arm won’t tire; you no longer have to overcome the bending action of the pick. And the greater mass of the ChickenPicks® means you don’t have to grip the pick so firmly – you can hold it lightly between your thumb and finger… it won’t slip out! Imagine the difference between striking a large bell with a tiny toy hammer, or with a heavy sledge hammer. With the large hammer you don’t have to hit the bell very hard to get it to ring; but the tiny hammer just won’t get the bell moving. Mass matters…! This mass also makes it easier to pull clear tones from a bass guitar. Your tone is fuller too, because with ChickenPicks® a broader frequency spectrum is set in motion. Compare the mechanics of your picking with a ChickenPicks® against a conventional pick. With the thinner guitar picks you are creating more high frequencies than mid and bass tones, often resulting in a shrill, harsh sound; you can hear this excessive treble in the tone of many guitar players. The sound produced by a ChickenPicks® guitar pick is clearer and fuller. Even when you play extremely fast shreddin’ riffs, you can hear every note ring out. You have much more transparency in your tone with ChickenPicks®.

Stop Breaking Strings!
To get a full sound with thinner picks you have to pick harder than you do with a ChickenPicks®. This means that you break more strings when using a conventional pick. A ChickenPicks® guitar picks will reduce string breakage.

Why ChickenPicks guitar picks..?

Above all, it is the material that makes a ChickenPicks® unique. This is a high-quality and highly-durable thermosetting plastic. It is an extremely hard substance – hard enough to make ChickenPicks® last a long time, even for years of heavy use. But it is smooth, too… so smooth that a ChickenPicks® eliminates annoying and unwanted overtones when you play. Finally it is plastic ! The density of the material gives the ChickenPicks® a greater amount of mass. This mass, in combination with a precisely angled edge, makes a ChickenPicks® the perfect tool to improve your sound, and make your playing easier. The precisely angled edge of the ChickenPicks® is essential in creating the right tone and the perfect attack. Years of development have given the makers of ChickenPicks® the expertise needed to ensure that every ChickenPicks® is finished with just the right attack-angle to give you the greatest ease of playing and the strongest, clearest possible tone….!!

Personality and your own character in one guitar pick.

There is nothing finer or more reassuring than having your own special pick – that one that you always reach for because it plays so good! ChickenPicks® are designed to be that “go-to” pick from the get-go. Though the material is extremely durable, it does wear – just a little, and in just the right way. That’s why after a while, a ChickenPicks® comes to fit perfectly in your grip and in your musical style. This is a pick that will grow on you, and grow with you. The ChickenPicks® advantage is simply this: a hand-made, durable, and personal pick that brings a lot more of YOU and your character into the music you play. This is something that an average, thin, throw-away guitar pick can never offer.

Environmentally Friendly

We said it already – ChickenPicks® are extremely durable so you can use one pick for a long time. I can honestly say that in most cases one ChickenPicks® should last at least a year, if not several years. And the production of ChickenPicks® is less environmentally taxing than other plastics. So when you choose ChickenPicks®, you are doing just a little bit extra to protect the environment.

Less Expensive

What? How can an $10 guitar pick be cheaper than a 50-cent pick? It’s easy – just think about how many picks you are going through right now. There’s a good chance that you, shreddin’ your guitar, wear out 10, 20, or more guitar picks in a year. One ChickenPicks® will take the place of all those disposable picks. And if you now only use 1 or 2 picks in a year, I think you’ll find that your one ChickenPicks® will keep you playing at your very best for at least 5 years!
Types: Light, Regular and The Shredder:

ChickenPicks® guitar picks are available in three thicknesses: Light and Regular and the Shredder

Light 2.2 mm
Regular 2.6 mm
Shredder 3.5 mm (Jazztype pick)

Like every guitar player, you have your own taste and your own style. Since you aren’t familiar with ChickenPicks® guitar picks yet, we are offering you a trial set of the 2 sizes (Light and Regular) and 3 sizes (including the famous Shredder) as well, at a discount price.
So you can shred them all to see what works best for you.
Although The Shredder is used mostly for shreddin’ metal solo’s, this guitar pick works fine for Jazz, or any other type of music.

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