To buy at Stringsfield, do I have to register?

It is not necessary to register in Stringsfield to buy, you can make your purchase as a guest user, so your data will only be used to make the purchase invoice and send the order home. This modality has the disadvantage that you cannot access your order or your future purchase history.

What advantages does it have to be registered?

You can register if you want and benefit from the privileges of registered users (sweepstakes, exclusive promotions, offers, news ...), access all your invoices and your purchase history. Do not worry about promotional mail, you can deactivate the option whenever you want and we will not bother you.

What about the data I provide?

In Stringsfield Guitars we comply with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data and all laws on security, all the data you provide us is incorporated into a protected file. We will not sell your data to any company or anyone will use them for anything that has nothing to do with sending you the products, contacting you in case of incident, and, if you are registered, offer you information, offers or content that we believe may be ONLY ON OUR STORE.

If, when placing the order, the customer writes his data incorrectly (DNI, Postal Code, Incorrect Post Office, etc.) and does not check it and the shipment is processed, Stringsfield Guitars is not responsible for the costs or damages that this could cause.


Are purchases at Stringsfield safe?

Purchases are one hundred percent safe. All your data is protected since, as you enter the information, an encryption system that provides both Servired and your own banking entity subject them to strict security measures, with the maximum guarantee in the entire purchase process. To ensure that our page is secure, you only have to observe the “s” that follows the “http” of the navigation bar, when you enter your card number you see the “https” in the address bar of your browser, that “s ”Over means that the page is secure.

When you enter the details of your credit or debit card, the screens where you will enter those come from our banking entity Banco Sabadell, through the Servired platform. This security system has all the shielding of the entity and the platform, which obviously has all the protection measures and is configured to block any possible attack, fishing or attempted fraud.


What guarantee do your products have?

In Stringsfield we act according to Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, article 114 and following, which stipulates that all products are guaranteed for 2 years, but be careful, in order to make use of it, keep in mind that it will be essential to present the purchase invoice to make any claim. Your invoices are available in your account if you are a registered user, in case of failures or breakdowns it is essential that you save the purchase invoice.


Some products such as ropes, barbs, cables, valves, speakers, selectors or switches, jack females or all those that, due to endogenous characteristics, are exempt from warranty. Clicking on the "Buy" button on our website means that you accept these restrictions, even if you have not read the General Sales Conditions.

Are the products you sell new?

All the products we sell are brand new and in perfect condition. In some cases you can find that the product is unsealed, specifically on guitars, amplifiers or pedals; This happens because we carry out controls on most of the products before being sent, to verify that they work and that the box contains everything that the manufacturer says it should contain.

The products that are in the “OUTLET” section are equally new, but they are products that are discontinued or with some aesthetic damage that will appear detailed. In the latter case we call them “BSTOCK” and we will indicate in the text and with a photo what the specific defect is.

Are the products on your website in stock?

To know if a product is in stock, you should check if the product indicates:

- "Available": indicates that the product is in stock

- “Sold out, available in 4-15 days”: it means that we have availability in our distributor's warehouse, but not immediately, because we have to order it first. If the delivery time is to be extended more than indicated we will let you know by contacting you. In some cases, to avoid delays, it may be that the product is sent directly to you from the distributor.

- “Sold out, Not available” - means that the product is neither available nor will be in the future.


Do you ship outside of Spain?

In principle the web
Stringsfield is designed to ship products throughout the Spanish territory, although we do ship within the European Union. In these cases contact us to be able to give you an estimate of the shipping costs.

I'm interested in a product that I don't see on your website. I can buy it?

We work with many brands and distributors so it is possible that we can have access to what you are looking for. In this case, contact us and we will tell you the price and delivery time.


How do you send the orders?

It depends on the shipping method chosen. We recommend that you take a look at the “Shipping costs” section to find out the estimated deadlines.

MAIL: 48-72 hours.

ENVIALIA: 48-72 hours.

MRW: 24 hours, with the possibility of 48 hours due to adverse weather conditions.
FEDEX: Europe and North America

Delivery times are subject to the distribution network, we are not responsible for delays in the case of weather problems or due to strikes, carrier accidents, telecommunications platform failures, etc.

Of course, we will never be responsible for a delivery not being made on time if the customer is not at home to pick up the shipment.


My order has items with several different delivery times, when will I receive it?

If when making the purchase there were products that indicated “available” and others “Sold out - Available in 4-15 days” we will send the order when we have all the products in a single shipment. In case you want us to send you the products available before those that are pending delivery, you will have to pay the postage twice. Our website clearly shows the units of each product in stock. If by mistake you have bought something that is out of stock, and you want us to send you what we do have available, you must contact us by phone and we will send you the products that are in stock and the payment of the unused material.



Are weekends and holidays counted as delivery days?

On weekends and holidays there is no distribution, so all temporary references on the website refer to business days. For example, orders placed between 2:00 p.m. on Friday until 9:30 a.m. on Monday will not be processed for shipping until Monday, because courier companies do not provide delivery or transfer service during that period since Courier companies modify their own delivery times due to the weekend. On the other hand, holidays do not count in any case for the purposes of deadlines.

Nor do they count the days that our facilities are closed. We close very few days a year, but if you make your purchase on one of those days, we will clearly indicate it at the top of the web. Orders placed on those days will be issued when the Stringsfield team is incorporated, in order of entry.



How can I make the shipment arrive as quickly as possible?

If you need to have your order at your disposal as soon as possible you must check that we have product availability. Choosing any of the other forms of payment the process is immediate. Once this is done we recommend that you choose any form of payment except “Bank Transfer” since the term of your shipment depends on how long it takes to notify the money in our account, although you can send us the payment receipt, thus eliminating the time of payment wait.

All orders will be dispatched on the same day of your confirmation provided they are received before 2:00 p.m. and all products are in stock. If you need your order to be delivered within 24 hours you must select the Urgent mode. The collection trucks have a set time, and since you place the order we have to prepare it, document it, pass it to the warehouse, etc. We are not machines, we need some time to have it ready.



Why do you ask for the mobile phone?

If you indicate a landline you may not receive notice about the delivery of merchandise since the transport companies usually notify of the arrival of merchandise by SMS.



Are the prices of your online store the same as those of the physical store?

Yes, our prices and offers are exactly the same whether you buy online or come to visit our store.



Can I buy online and pick up the order in the store?

Yes, you can do it without any problem, in fact if you do so you can pick up the order without waiting in line. You just have to select this option at the end of the purchase process and the freight will be automatically eliminated.



Yesterday I looked at a product on your website and today its price has changed.

Our team is always concerned with keeping prices up to date in order to provide the best service and the best price at all times. For this reason we modify products and prices as soon as w
e are made aware of the changes provided by the manufacturer / distributor. That's why we recommend that if you see a product with a price that is convincing to you, make the purchase at the moment.



Why when you buy some payment methods appear with surcharge?

The only forms of payment that carry a surcharge are Paypal and Cash on delivery. In both cases it appears broken down in the shopping cart. In these cases you will have to pay a surcharge for the collection procedures carried out by the transport and the PayPal platform respectively.


I have placed an order and I forgot to add a product, can I modify it?

If the order has not left our facilities there is no problem. You have to contact us via phone and tell us what you want us to modify. By telephone we will tell you how to proceed for the purchase, payment, etc. In case the order has left here you can make the modification but it will be processed as a change and you will have to take care of the shipping costs. Once you receive it you will have to send it back, we will then check its status and send you the new order, which will be charged as a new shipment.

Can I indicate a different delivery address and a delivery time?

If you want to leave us instructions regarding the delivery time, you can leave your comments in the “Comments” field before finalizing the purchase process, but we cannot guarantee, in any case, that it will be delivered at that time, because we cannot know the routes of the messengers, that most of the cases cover very large radii of many kilometers and that are subject to possible atmospheric, traffic setbacks, etc.

You can also indicate a different delivery address when entering your billing and shipping information. Keep in mind that, if you know that you are not going to be at home, it is better that you leave us in observations some alternative (“leave at the goal”, “deliver at the Paco Bar, in front”, etc., so that the messenger goes and Do not hit you, as long as it is within the same zip code.

How many delivery attempts have I paid?

Each shipment has two delivery attempts covered: the courier goes to your home (or to the address you have indicated), you are not there, and the next day it happens again. If this time also does not meet you, and you have not contacted us to indicate an alternative within the same zip code, the order will be stabilized at the branch of the agency you choose for 7 days, and then it will be returned to our installations. If you do not pick it up within that period, at Stringsfield Guitars, once the order has been received, we will make the payment of the products, but we will deduct the return amount.

All shipments that are not picked up at the destination offices, either because the recipient does not attend them or because from the agency it is impossible to contact him, and they are returned, Stringsfield Guitars reserves the right to deduct the price of the return freight of the total amount of the purchase, in concept of return postage.



How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

The newsletters we send usually include news and promotions, we will not send more than one pair of newsletters per month. If you want to unsubscribe, write to newsletter@stringsfield.com and we will unsubscribe you. If you later decided to register again, you only have to subscribe again, you will find the box on the inside of any of the pages.


I don't remember my password What can I do?

You will be asked for a password only if you are registered on our website. It is very important that you remember if you are or not, because if you made the purchase as a guest you have no password to recover.

If you are registered, you can recover your password by clicking on the "I forgot my password" link, next to the Login box. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.



How do I know if the order was successful?

When placing the order you will receive an email at the email address you have indicated, this email serves as confirmation of the order. You must make sure you put the email correctly, otherwise you will not receive confirmation. In this email you will have all the information that you have indicated and the reference number of the order, with which you can check the status of the order at any time if you are registered on our website.

In case you do not receive that mail, check the SPAM tray of your mail, it is possible that your mail provider has sent it to this folder. If you still do not receive it, please contact us urgently, there may have been some computer or payment error and the order has not been processed well.

How can I know where my order is at all times?

-As soon as you have placed the order, you will receive an email confirming or that the payment is accepted or that goes directly to the preparation process. In a few hours we will send you the shipping tracking number, and you will also receive an SMS from the agency you choose. Through that tracking number you will be able to know at all times where your shipment is.




The photo of the product that I saw on the web does not correspond exactly with the product received.

On a website like ours where there is a large stock of products, we always try to give the best information to the customer and publish the photos most similar to the product offered by the manufacturer or that we have. In some cases, the manufacturer may change the color, packaging, or even an accessory, without notice to us. In these cases we will try to give you the best solution. If you have doubts before buying, contact us.


I just received a product and the packaging is dirty or damaged. That I have to do?

Sometimes the boxes or packaging that contain the products may suffer scratches or bumps during transport. Its function is that, to protect the internal product from inappropriate treatment. If this does not affect the final operation of the device we will not accept claims.

However, if upon receipt of your order you detect any anomaly in the packaging (bumps, breaks ...) or you suspect that there may be damage to the product, INDICATE IT CLEARLY on the delivery note to sign that the carrier delivers you.

If you have not noticed and when you open the package you detect damage to the material, you must notify us immediately and attach some photos via email. The maximum period we have to make claims to transport is 24 hours, so we ask you not to delay in getting your incident. After this time it will not be possible for us to claim anything from the agency for the damages caused. In this case we would not take care of them.

You must bear in mind that returns will not be accepted without our prior authorization and that the incidents are not resolved in 5 minutes. Therefore, contact our team, we will be delighted.

One of the items I bought has been opened.

Sometimes we are forced to open some products to verify that they work correctly, they are complete, to add the manual or some element such as the power supply, European cable, etc., or to check some function that has been consulted. In all cases the product has ALL new product guarantees (2 years granted by the law + 1 extra that we give you) and we assume any responsibility that may arise from the opening.

What guarantee do you have my products?

All products are guaranteed for 3 years: the 2 years stipulated by the Law of Guarantees and an additional 1 year that we give you, so you have a wider coverage.

Some products such as ropes, barbs, cables, covers, valves, speakers, selectors or switches, jack females or all those that, due to endogenous characteristics, are exempt from warranty. Clicking on the "Buy" button on our website means that you accept these restrictions, even if you have not read the General Sales Conditions.

In case you have to make use of the guarantee, you should contact us as soon as you detect the breakdown or malfunction, and we will give you instructions that may vary depending on the case, instructions that, in most cases, will happen to ask you some video in which we can verify the damage telematically. The usual protocol will be that you will have to pack the damaged product and prepare it for a courier agency to pick it up and take it to the SAT (Official Technical Service) that varies depending on each brand, and that is designated by the official distributor of the brand in Spain.

We cannot guarantee the time that the repair can take, so we recommend that you contact us
As soon as possible, sometimes teams need parts that need to be ordered to be repaired, and entails unpleasant delays for everyone.

In any case, the purchase ticket or invoice will be essential to make use of the guarantee.


I want to return a product What do I have to do?

Product returns must be made, as the law says, by withdrawal form. You must download it by clicking here, fill it out completely and attach it to the product / s you want to return.

The law grants 14 calendar days to make changes and returns. We extend that period another 16 days, giving a total of 30 calendar days


The product must be sent to the address in the header of the withdrawal form. Once we receive the item, we will check its correct operation and that everything is correct, and we will calculate the exact amount to be returned based on the particular conditions in each case. In most cases the payment of the money will be the same as that of the purchase and surely there will almost never be any problem, but at this point "we have seen things that you would not believe", so, if you have doubts, call us and We will indicate.


It is essential to meet the following conditions:

Returned merchandise must be securely packaged, with its original packaging intact, clean and covered by a top packaging, with all its accessories and without any signs of use of any kind. As original packaging we understand not only the outer box, but also the inner bags, seals, corks, fixing foams, corners, cable ties, rubber bands, etc. If any of these conditions is not met, at Stringsfield Guitars we reserve the right to deduct the amount we consider in the form of a decrease in the reimbursement price in compensation for a return made without following the parameters mentioned above, even being the case of no absolute refund of the amount if the product or its packaging arrive damaged or missing from any of the aforementioned parts.


All items of wear such as ropes, barbs are excluded from the "30 day return". cables, pads, valves, lamps, drumsticks, plates, patches, speakers, spare parts such as selectors or switches, screws, etc., unsealed software or without its original packaging, or any product that for reasons of hygiene cannot be sold again, such as microphones, InEar systems and headphones, harmonics, anti pop, anti winds, clarinet reeds, flute, saxophone, etc. IMPORTANT: Products with Free Software are also excluded, when it has been registered, as in the case of some amplifiers. If you generate a return of any of these or other products excluded from the right of withdrawal and send us the material, we would not accept it and you would not be entitled to the payment of its amount.


If upon receiving the returned product we see that it has marks for use, we reserve the right not to accept the return or to apply a deduction of its value. If you want to make a change of one material for another you will have to make the return on one side and make another new purchase for another.


• You must send us the material through the transport agency of your choice. Always at PAID PORTS, we do not collect any material due. If the material suffers any damage in the transport the responsibility will be yours at all times. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time packing the package. In case of returns once we receive the material and see its status we will refund the money within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the receipt of the material. We will not receive any items shipped due, unless we have previously agreed and in writing with us.

Products that are not in stock in the store and that are expressly brought at the request of a customer, are exempt from the right of withdrawal.