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Finance your purchases. Without taxes!

It may finance all purchases of amounts greater than 200 €. It may be financed anything (ropes, cables, amplifiers, pedals, instruments ...) always to exceed that amount.
The procedure is quick and simple, it is carried out in just two days and just needed documentation.
The customer can choose the day of the month you want to pass the bank receipt.
The product is suitable for employees, self-employed and pensioners. Unemployed people can not choose themselves, but may do so through a guarantee.
Financing may be carried out in 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24 months.
Funding is without interest, but it is held by a bank, so yes that carries certain administration expenses, points, origination fee and maintenance operations. Those expenses will be paid only once, at the beginning of the operation. A rough estimate of such costs would be:

€ 300 in 3 months: fee of 100 euros per month + 6 euros of total expenditures
€ 400 in 12 months: 33 euros fee per month + 27 euros of total expenditures
€ 600 in 6 months: fee of 100 euros per month + 24 euros of total expenditures
€ 900 in 12 months: fee of 75 euros per month + 60 euros total expenses

Being greater the higher these costs the number of shares.

For more information, contact us by phone on 963788937 or by email at media (at)

* Due to the large volume of requests we are receiving, we offer information whatsapp, facebook, twitter, or any way other than those mentioned.