Guitar and Amps Repair Service

In Stringsfield Guitars we have Guitar Workshop repair service. We repair all types of guitars, both classical and acoustic and electric. We also repair valve amplifiers of any brand and era, and pedals.

Our repair service is based on the work of Vicente Bull Skull, renowned luthier in our country, who has worked with artists of international stature, with more than 12 years of experience.

You can contact us to request information, or stop by the store.

Some of the services we perform are:

Guitar settings: octave and fifth, hardware cleaning, bridge height, soul adjustment and polishing of frets, electronic review, fingerboard feed, nut lubrication and general cleaning

Guitars: Change of strings, Change of pickups, Change of fret, leveling of frets, Changes and modifications of electronics (change of jacks females, selectors and switches, change and cleaning of potentiometers), Change of nut and bridge, bones, seals. Replacement of pegboxes. Installation of prices in classical and acoustic. Repair of breaks in the cover, bridges, blades ... Fender, Gibson, Martin, D´Angelico, Ovation, Taylor, Guild, Rickenbacker, Tokai, Yamaha, Esp-Ltd, Jackson, Gretsch, Godin, Nash Guitars, Shur, Heritage Maybach, Music Man,

Amplifiers: Change of valves, Bias adjustment, Speaker replacement, General repairs. ENGL, Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Laney, Blackstar, Vox, Orange, Friedman, Doctor Z, Soldano, Brunetti, Carr, Victoria, Mesa Boogie, vintage amplifiers

Pedals: Change of potentiometers, change of dc inputs, change of buttons, change of jack, various repairs.

To check prices, contact us at 963788937/618176405 or through the contact form.

We accept payment by card.

Obviously, we can issue invoices for professionals.