warranty and money back

At Stringsfield Guitars we want to give you the best service and that is why we extend the return and warranty times.

As stipulated in current electronic commerce legislation, the legal term to make returns is 14 calendar days, and the guarantee period is 3 years, in both cases from reception of the article. Those are the legal conditions that we are obliged to give you.

With regard to Changes and Returns, at Stringsfield Guitars we think that, given the particular conditions of each one of you, this period may be insufficient: unforeseen or unexpected setbacks that make it impossible for you to test the product: illnesses, tests that are cancel, family or work problems ... things that can prevent you from trying the guitar, pedal, amplifier, etc. in optimal conditions. That's why we extend the return period to 30 days dependind on the product: since you can't come here to the store to buy it or try it in person, we double the return time to compensate for that factor. For that reason, in most products you have 30 calendar days of return, a time that we consider is enough for you to be sure that what you have received is adjusted to your needs. You do not have to give us explanations of the reason for the return if you do not want to, we are not going to harass you with questions or anything like that. You simply have to tell us that you want to return the product, and you have to send it to us. The shipping costs are at your expense, but we can always, to make things easier for you, request the collection from MRW and then deduct the shipping cost when we make the payment of the money, which is 12 euros for small packages and 30 euros for big packages like guitar hardcases, guitars,  amplifiers, etc. 

Regarding Warranties, at Stringsfield Guitars we do an exhaustive review process of the products that arrive, we are very meticulous and we review everything. We can give you a warranty extension because we are sure that the products we sell are in perfect condition when they leave our facilities, that is why we give you 3 years of guarantee: the two years that the law grants, and one more extra that we give you. If you buy at Stringsfield, you have your guitar, amp or pedal with one more year of warranty.

Obviously, all products are not guaranteed. There are products such as ropes, cables, valves, etc. These are products that do not have a guarantee because intrinsically and taking into account the very essence of the product, it cannot be returned or exchanged. You can consult in detail the products that do not have a guarantee in the link at the end of the text. For exchanges and returns, in that same link you can consult the specific conditions of returns in Stringsfield.

However, for any questions, you can contact by phone, email, WhatsApp or social networks and we will inform you of everything.