Emerson Custom 5 Way Blender Stratocaster Prewired Kit

Emerson Custom 5 Way Blender Stratocaster Prewired Kit

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Emerson Custom 5 Way Blender Stratocaster Prewired Kit

Upgrade your guitar's switching system with the Emerson Custom 5-way Prewired Kit for Fender Stratocaster and other guitars. This kit's premium components include precision-made potentiometers, an Oak Grigsby 5-way switch, an Emerson Custom Paper in Oil Capacitor, a Treble Bleed mod to keep your tone from getting muddy when you turn down the volume, and a Switchcraft input jack. They have been prewired and soldered so you can drop them in your guitar with minimal work. Every Emerson Custom pot is hand-metered in-house and falls within +/- 8% tolerance, and their capacitors are the only new mil spec capacitors in production in the US.

Our Blender wiring has 1 volume, 1 master tone, and a Blender pot. In the neck position you can blend the bridge pickup in as much as you want. In the bridge position you can blend the neck pickup in as much as you want. In positions 2 and 4 you can have all three pickups on at once. The nicest part about it is the fact of it being so user friendly. Everything else seems to be hard to use on the fly.

Wired with 22 AWG vintage push-back wire for that vintage look and sound. Soldered connections to the input jack are insulated with heat-shrink to ensure durability and long life. If you are installing this on an import guitar with metric sized pots you may need to ream your control plate holes to accept the slightly larger US-Spec pots and buy US-Spec knobs.

  • (2) Emerson PRO CTS Solid Shaft w/.375'' (3/8'') Shaft Length 
  • (1): Emerson Pro CTS 250K Blender Pot [3/8'' Split Shaft]
  • (1) Oak Grigsby 5-Way Switch 
  • (1) Switchcraft 1/4'' Mono Input Jack 
  • (1) 0.047uf Emerson Paper in Oil Capacitor *(0.022uf are used with 500K-Ohm Pots Option)* 
  • (1) Volume Mod (Treble Bleed; Retains Clarity when rolling back volume knob)
  • Wiring Diagram

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