Evidence Audio SIS Screw In Solderless Connector

Evidence Audio SIS Screw In Solderless Connector

Evidence Audio introduces the perfect 1/4 Phone plug for use with its award-winning Monorail signal cable. As used by David Gilmour, Guy Pratt, Steven Rothery, and many others.

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Evidence has done it again… They have revolutionized the pedal board cable! This totally original concept in cabling is outstanding, no worries about bad connections and dropped signal quality because the positive solid core wire screws right into the positive tip of the plug actually scoring the cable and virtually turning it into a screw. Which means, better contact and better signal transfer, absolutely amazing idea!! The SIS Plug works with Evidence Monorail cable which has always been am outstanding, transparent cable, specially designed for pedals and racks. The SIS Plug™ features incredible contact and grip with the positive conductor of the Monorail cable. All you have to do is strip the cable, screw in the cable and screw on the cap. Done!

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