Klotz Vintage VINA450 4.5m.

Klotz Vintage VINA300 3m.

What's inside the jacket is naturally proven KLOTZ quality throughout with low capacitance

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Feel the textile outer jacket of this instrument cable to bring memories flooding back. Memories of great hand-made music, of an era when bands were still named after their bandleader.
What's inside the jacket is naturally proven KLOTZ quality throughout. The proven cable, with low capacitance of 115 pF/m, has a conductive plastic shield plus a bare copper spiral shield. The textile jacket not only gives the cable its good looks, but also adds extra resilience and protection without impairing its high flexibility.
The high-quality metal connector has a gold tip. A shrink sleeve at each end gives added anti-kink protection. The "59" logo is engraved on the connector sleeve as a final affectionately detailed touch. The '59 will be launched as a 3-metre an 4.5-metre cable.
Musical memories need not be locked away - bring them back to life with KLOTZ '59 Vintage Guitar Cable.

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