Korg Headtune HT-G1 Guitar Tuner


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Quite possibly the simplest tuner to use, making it an absolute godsend for beginners

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Korg Headtune HT-G1 Guitar Tuner

With its unique design the Korg Headtune HT-G1 Clip-on Guitar Tuner is quite possibly the simplest tuner to use, making it an absolute godsend for beginners, along with being a fun-looking addition to any guitarist’s arsenal.
Easy to Use

Designed to replicate the headstock of electric or acoustic guitars with all the tuners on one side, the Korg HT-G1 Tuner clips onto your guitar to mirror its physical appearance. Play a single note and the tuner’s Piezo pickup will pick up the string vibration’s pitch. The Korg HT-G1 will then light up two LEDs, one to show you the position of the tuner you need to adjust and the other to indicate whether it needs altering and which way you need to turn in to get the string back in tune.

This means that with the Korg Headtune HT-G1 Clip-on Guitar Tuner you don’t need to know the name of any of the notes to tune your guitar, though each note name is indicated next to the relevant LED.
Highly Visible

Along with being extremely easy to use the Korg Headtune HTG1 Tuner is also versatile. The angle of the display mount can be altered through 120 degrees, and the LEDs are bright enough to be seen in dimly lit environments, and at a wide viewing angle, so you will never struggle to see the display.
Secure, Durable Design

The Korg Headtune HT G1 Tuner’s clip has also been designed to hold onto your guitar’s headstock securely, and has been covered with a highly durable, but soft, rubber so that no harm comes to your instrument. Being lightweight and compact you’ll never have to go anywhere without the HT-G1. It will sit quite happily in your gigbag or case, without you noticing it.
Long Battery Life

You’ll hardly ever have to buy batteries for the Korg Headtune HT-G1 Clip-on Guitar Tuner. A single lithium coin battery (CR2032) powers the unit for a staggering 35 hours of use. It even accommodates the forgetful among you with an Auto-Power off feature, which turns the tuner off after ten minutes of inactivity.

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