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La Bella 2001 Flamenco Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings

Flamenco 2001 Hard Tension strings are the overwhelming choice preferred by many world famous guitarists and luthiers

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La Bella 2001 Flamenco Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings

The 2001 Series Classical Guitar Strings are the product of years of intense research and development. During the formulation of the 2001 Series, prototypes were tested worldwide by fine performing artists and teachers. These guitarists expressed a need for classical guitar strings with a greater response, clarity and sustaining power. To meet this demand, La Bella redesigned both the treble and bass strings according to new specifications.

The top choice of modern-style flamenco players, Flamenco 2001 Hard Tension strings are designed for today’s remarkable guitars and the exceptional technique of contemporary concert performers. Most heavier designed sets produce a dull and thuddy sound. These hard tension strings are the exception and create a bright and forceful tone with a true flamenco attack. This special construction keeps the traditional string gauges and outlasts every other high tension string on the market.

Trebles: Black Nylon 202
Basses: Silver-Plated Wound

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