Line 6 DT25
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Line 6 DT25

Designed by Line 6 and tube amp guru Reinhold Bogner, the portable DT25 gives you the foundation to build your perfect tone

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Featuring four stunning amp voicings and incredible HD preamp and tone stack modeling, DT25™ delivers the classic tube tone you crave—with unprecedented versatility for modern guitarists. Designed by Line 6 and tube amp guru Reinhold Bogner, the portable DT25 gives you the foundation to build your perfect tone. It’s actually four amps in one—choose from American clean, British crunch, class A chime, or modern high-gain. You can dial in classic vintage tones, or reconfigure analog components to create highly customized original sounds.

With traditional tube amps, your tone is set in stone. DT25 is different. Featuring a truly innovative design, DT25 allows you to reconfigure various analog components and build the custom tube amp of your dreams. Chose from 30 HD preamps—then tweak the negative feedback loop, operating class, power tube mode, and more in the reconfigurable tube power amp. You get an incredibly wide sonic palette, so you can finally dial up the tones in your head.

With DT25, you don’t have to crank the volume to 10 to get great tone. Low Volume Mode allows you to achieve shimmering clean tones or searing high-gain tones, at a fraction of the volume of regular tube amps. The tubes distort less in Low Volume mode, so the rich power amp modeling technology in DT25 picks up the slack and fills out the tone. Unlike a traditional master volume, you won’t lose any of your highs or lows—DT25 sounds like it’s cranked up, even at low volume levels.

Celestion® speakers are renowned for their quality and are used in countless classic tube amps worldwide. DT25 combos and extension cabinets are equipped with custom-voiced Celestion G12H-90 speakers, delivering optimum tonal depth and clarity.

When you combine DT25™ and POD® HD via the L6 LINK™ connection, you get an extraordinarily powerful and integrated guitar rig capable of creating any vintage or modern tone you need. POD HD presets automatically reconfigure the amp’s tube bias, output class, and more to compliment the selected HD amp model. Add a James Tyler® Variax® or Variax Standard modeling guitar to the mix, and you can simultaneously change your DT25 configuration, POD HD preset, and Variax model and alternate tuning. You can then save your custom configuration as a POD HD preset for instant recall.

When you connect DT25 and POD HD using L6 LINK, the amp instantly has access to POD HD’s full collection of HD amp models and M-class effects. Set the POD HD to an HD preamp-only model to tap into the fully analog tube output stage of the DT25, and you’ll experience unparalleled dynamics and touch sensitivity. Plus, the massive collection of M-class effects that come with POD HD are grafted seamlessly onto the DT25—giving you massive array of tonal options. For example, your POD HD effects can be laid out with a virtual effects loop—you can place your compressor, distortion and modulation in front of the preamp model, with the delay and reverb feeding into the DT25 power section.

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