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While the Spark Chorus can create some extreme wobbling tones, it’s best at creating subtle, tuneful undercurrents. It feels contemporary, players who want a thicker chorus sound just need to press the Deep switch. The Depth and Speed controls feel highly interactive and gives you great control over your sounds. The basic output is clean, and the brightness of the guitar sound is preserved.

When you dial in the minimum setting it adds a nice shimmer to clean chords and melodic runs. Increasing the Depth setting brings on more of the pseudo 12-string effect. Maxing out the Depth works best for single strikes when chords are left hanging in the air, adding the appearance of harmonic richness to a mix.

Bringing up the Speed control accesses more traditional chorus tones and again the unit’s overall clarity gives it a real sense of class. If you want vintage Cure style rhythm/bass sounds you’ll find them located around the last third of the Speed rotary’s travel in combination with a good slug of Depth. Just add some distortion for all sorts of ’80s/’90s lead sounds.