Newtone Master Class Series Acoustic Double Wound Strings 12-52

Handmade, low tension and long life strings.

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Newtone Master Class Series Acoustic Double Wound Strings 12-52

A Double wrap of Phosphor Bronze over a Round core gives hese strings a unique feel and sound. They are warm and melow without the string squeal of single wrap strings.

The major reason why Newtone strings may feel or play differently lies with our use of round core wire in all our Phosphor Bronze strings and some of our Nickel and Stainless Steel strings. Piano strings often utilise a round core wire and it struck me that piano strings must be made to last many years and maybe round cores had something to do with their longevity. Most guitar strings are made on a hexagonal core, because it is easier to mass manufacture strings and achieve fairly consistent products. We have consulted many, many players who use our strings to find out what they like about them, and the most common response about our round cored ranges of strings are as follows: Our round cored strings have a slightly lower tension to pitch than hexagonal cored strings, meaning less strain on the guitar neck and soundboard. A longer life due to there being no angular surfaces under the wrapping wire where dirt can accumulate, deadening the string and increasing it's susceptibility to corrosion. Being at a slightly lower tension allows a heavier gauge set to be used without compromising the 'feel' of the guitar to much and providing the benefit of a fuller tone. We always try to ensure that the materials we use are the finest available. Our phosphor bronze is of the Cu92 Sn8 composition, a 92% copper to 8% tin ratio as used extensively in the manufacture of cymbals. The steel we use for our plain strings and cores is high tensile tin plated, the tin being sufficient to resist corrosion under normal circumstances.

Gauges: 012 .016 .024 .032 .042 .052

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