Pyramid Electric Pure Nickel D501 Maximum Performance Strings 09-46

The 99.2% pure nickel wrap wire favors pure tone and playability.

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Pyramid Electric Pure Nickel D501 Maximum Performance Strings 09-46

PYRAMID Maximum Performance Strings are pure nickel round wound strings, hand wound of the highest quality materials. The pure nickel round wound strings are lower in tension, like strings of the 50 & 60 's, compared to modern mass produced economy strings. Pyramid make these superlative strings with smaller diameter higher quality core wire and larger diameter expensive pure nickel winding, by hand! The exact opposite of how to make strings cheaper and faster in mass production. These strings are a blending of the master stringmakers art and the finest materials! The finishing touch of silk overwrap is also applied by hand by skilled master stringmakers using a different color for each gauged set.

For players who love the round wound sound, these strings are heaven, super feel, outstanding tone, exceptional timbre. These strings sing!

Pure nickel Maximum Performance strings feature a pure nickel wrap and silver plated steel plain strings that produce a lush and rich tone with vivid harmonic detail. You'll also notice that these strings feel slightly more flexible and last longer than other brands. Highly recommended, we suggest you try both the Maximum Performance Pure Nickel strings and the round core Classics to discover your favorite. We generally use the Maximum Performance strings on our humbucking guitars and the Nickel Classics for single coils.

Very important: Please do not shorten (cut) the wound strings to the desired length, because the nickel wrap wire will get loose! The string will immediately go “dead”! At first make a sharp bend into the string, which will fix the nickel wrap wire. Then cut the string behind this bend to the desired length.

Gauges: 09-12-16-26-36-46