Pyramid Electric Pure Nickel Round Wound Striings 09-46

The 99.2% pure nickel wrap wire favors pure tone and playability.

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Pyramid Electric Pure Nickel Round Wound Strings 09-46

Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound Electric Guitar Strings offer pure tone and excellent timbre with perfect balance, superb response and great flexibility. The 99.2% pure nickel wrap wire favors pure tone and playability.

Since 1850, Pyramid as been making legendary strings of unsurpassed quality. Taking into account material qualities and basic principles of acoustics, Pyramid uses sophisticated equipment with expert hands to make strings of the highest quality and precision, for a wide range of musical instruments. Pyramid strings ring reliable, perfect, and true.Premium Nickel Plated steel wire is wound on proofed hexagon steel core. Pyramid strings are guaranteed hand wound in the traditional way. They are flexible and pleasant to play, excellently suited for electric use with enhanced brilliancy of sound. Perfectly balanced sets with easy response and long life.

Very important: Please do not shorten (cut) the wound strings to the desired length, because the nickel wrap wire will get loose! The string will immediately go “dead”! At first make a sharp bend into the string, which will fix the nickel wrap wire. Then cut the string behind this bend to the desired length.

Gauges: 09-11-13-26-36-46

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