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Savarez 570 CR Cristal Rouge Classical Guitar Strings

The high flexibility with a fast response offers more possibilities of expression, color & sound modulation. Normal tension.

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Savarez 570 CR Cristal Rouge Classical Guitar Strings

Launched about the end of the 60’s, CRISTAL trebles strings have been perfected thanks to the improvement of the monofilament nylon production technology. Then It has become possible to manufacture monofilament fibre which geometrical characteristics provide top-of-the-range strings. The string is round, its gauge is determined during the manufacturing process and is even throughout its length.

Rectifying the monofilament in order do get a round shape and an accurate and regular gauge, is no longer needed.

The even gauge assures the rightness of the string. The predetermination of the gauge enables to set the tension of each string and to offer various tensions.

Despite the manufacturing accuracy, each string is checked by a laser ray device assisted by a computer programmed to check its shape and regularity and to measure its gauge.

The only difference existing between the rectified strings and the CRISTAL strings is that CRISTAL strings are not rectified thus offering a flat surface, a shiny and transparent appearance. Their tone and touch are different, it is up to the guitarist to make his own choice.

Cristal strings have not taken the place of the rectified strings which are still appreciated for their surface which avoids slidings and brings accuracy in addition to their very own rather rich and mellow tone.

Normal tension strings.

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