Seymour Duncan SJM-2N Hot For Jazzmaster

És el recanvi més habitual per guitarres japoneses o asiàtiques

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Seymour Duncan SJM-2N Hot For Jazzmaster

Boosted output true single-coil for warm instruments. Perfect for surf, jazz, blues, classic rock and heavy rock.

This direct replacement looks like a stock Jazzmaster® pickup, but "under the hood," it's a high octane "beast!" Compared to the SJM-1 Vintage, you get more output, boosted bass and lower-mid range response, and greater sustain. Does not include a cover.

Available in a matched neck and bridge set. The neck version is RW/RP to create a humbucking effect when used together with the bridge model. Often, the Hot neck pickup is used together with the SJM-3 Quarter-PoundTM bridge pickup for tonal versatility.

For warmer toned ash, alder or basswood body instruments. Works especially well with rosewood fingerboards.

Players: Mike Einziger / Incubus, Jinx Jones

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