Stetsbar Pro II Tremolo

Designed to fit guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul, SG, ES 335, Flying V and other guitars

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Stetsbar Pro II Tremolo

Lots of features with this relatively new American tremolo which can be installed onto any guitar with a stop tailpiece (Les Paul, SG, ES ...) The first special feature is that the tremolo tailpiece moves horizontally with the strings. So there is no change in action height and no vertical deforming movement applied to the strings! And - if you like - you can define a zero position by some allen screws while the tremolo can still be moved up and down. So - if one string breaks - the others will not go out of tune. The Stetsbar works smoothly - similiar to a Bigsby tremolo but it feels much better.

The Stop Tail model is designed to fit guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul, SG, ES 335, Flying V and other guitars that share the common Gibson specification for stop tail positioning.

Some non US made guitars require metric stop tail bolts but otherwise fit directly. We include both inch and metric spec bolts with our retail package. It is always wise to let us know what guitar you want to fit your Stetsbar to so that we can advise of any issues.

We have Stetsbars out there fitted to a large range of makes - see the gallery for an indication of just how wide that range is.

Fitting a Stetsbar is very straight forward if you have experience of guitar maintenance. All the hardware to the rear of the bridge pickup is removed and the Stetsbar simply mounts directly to the existing stop tail bushes.

Re-string, intonate and play! And remember, the Stetsbar requires no additional routing or drilling - your guitar will restore to absolutely original condition if you want to move the Stetsbar to another instrument. How many other pro trems can say that?

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