Tung Sol 6L6 GC STR 2 pair Matched

Built to the same special tube request specs of leading amp manufacturers of the 1960s

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Tung Sol 6L6 GC STR 2 pair Matched

The Tung-Sol 6L6GC-STR reissue is a remake of the classic early American 5881 design from the late 1950s. Importantly this valve has had its specification improved to provide 30 watt plate dissipation like a normal 6L6GC unlike the Tung-sol reissue 5881. So you can use this valve in all modern as well as vintage amplifiers.
The Reissue features a very rugged design and uses a black anode coating which slightly changes it performance giving a nice smooth, warm sound. This valve under extreme settings does have better control and a smoother treble than its smaller 5881 brother.

This Tung-Sol 6L6GC -STR provides a real thick tone with more bass extension than the 5881 Tung-Sol RI. This is a great all round 6L6GC if you want a tight and punchy sound.

Great tube in Fenders if you are looking for an upgrade to the 5881WXT Sovtek and Groove tube 6L6R for a similar price.

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