V-Picks 1980

V-Picks 1980

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V-Picks 1980 This is what Vinnie says about 1980 V-Pick: "This is what they looked and felt like back when I first started making V-Picks. I would draw them onto a piece of material with a sharpie marker. Then I would cut them out by hand with a Dremel saw or a hack saw! (yes, I was worried about cutting off a finger!) Then I would take them to the grinder and get them as close as I could to proper size. We had a kid named Jocko cleaning the auto repair shop at night and he would take my picks to high school for me and buff them in shop class. So, while he had these, I would usually have a few unbuffed ones that I would use. I liked the looks of them when they were buffed, but I just fell in love with the sound of the more textured edges. I finally sounded just like Ed King and Brian May!" 2.75mm -

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