V-Picks Insanity

The Insanity is the thickest guitar pick we make - 11.85mm. The bigger the pick, the bigger the tone

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V-Picks Insanity

Just like the Colossal, the Insanity is 100% hand made by Vinni himself. A lot of skill, love, and attitude go into making this piece of art. Each one is different and unique. If one is made and just does not have enough mojo to it, in the can it goes. When you hold a V-Pick Colossal or Insanity, you are holding a one-of-a-kind! There are over 75 grinds on this pick! It hits the grind wheel over 75 times. Each one is laser cut to size, hand ground and beveled, flame buffed, and then hand buffed on the wheel. Then, back into the laser machine for the Vinni logo, TM and name. They really are magnificent when they are done. If you play with this pick and are not inspired in some way, then something is just wrong!

The Insanity is the thickest guitar pick we make - 11.85mm. There are over 100 grinds involved in making this guitar pick, but its worth every one! Great for Gypsy Jazz playing. Its so easy to hold due to the thick design and gripping effect of this wonderful material. All V-Picks are made of our own special blend of acrylic that tends to cling to your skin when you warm it with your touch. A lot of players with serious hand injuries have told us this is the only pick they can use. I am very touched every time I hear this. Remember, the bigger the pick, the bigger the tone. This is a perfect example of that fact. The Insanity is also a fantastic practice tool. It will teach you to play with a very relaxed hand, wrist and fingers. After playing for a week with this pick, you'll be astounded how much better your technique will be!

Gauge: 11.85mm.