How to Buy in Stringsfield


Maintaining a web page like the one you are looking at requires manual work, so the prices and / or descriptions are not always up to date. Although from we take every precaution to make this website as accurate as possible, human error may be present. For this reason, if you detect an error, please contact us and let us know.

That said, the process to make a purchase through is very simple and intuitive and for this you simply need to follow the steps listed below and in less than five minutes you will have made your purchase:

Select the interested items and add them to the shopping cart. From the shopping cart you can check at all times the selected units as well as the amount of your purchase, being able to modify or eliminate those products that are desired.
Make the user registration. The user must proceed to register on our platform to provide their shipping information and make the payment of the goods. The user will only register once, providing a login and password for later access. From your space you can access any time you want to your order history as well as other personal data. All personal data provided will be protected through our confidentiality clause.
Select the shipping mode and the payment method. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and cash on delivery (Read conditions below) Orders will be sent to the address provided by the user in your customer file; otherwise, the order can not be processed. The shipping areas of are limited to the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Portugal. As a general rule, the shipping costs are not included in the price of the merchandise and will appear itemized at the moment of concluding the shopping cart. The shipment will be made through Correos or courier companies of proven solvency.
Once the above steps have been completed and the payment verified by any of the means indicated, the formalization and delivery of your order will proceed. Our customers will receive by email to the address you have indicated, the order confirmation with detailed information. Stringsfield recommends printing this confirmation of your order for possible inquiries or complaints.

Pricing policy

All our products include VAT at 21%. Stringsfield reserves the right at any time and unilaterally to modify the price of the products and services offered through this website. To guarantee the customer the certainty and security of the price of their products, this will be the current one in the advertising coinciding with the moment of formalizing the order.

When selecting products, the customer will verify that many of them are subject to promotion and that the greater the number of units purchased, the lower the final unit price will be in their shopping cart.

The shipping costs will depend on the weight, the volume, the shipping method or the amount of the merchandise. All our products are classified internally on our website by these criteria. The shipment will be free for those orders within the Peninsula, Balearic Islands and Portugal that exceed an amount of € 99 (not including postage). Free shipping to the Canary Islands will be from € 200. Important: Stringsfield will not be responsible in any case for the tariff expenses derived from shipments to the Canary Islands, as well as to the rest of the international countries subject to customs processing, which will be borne by the buyer.

The delivery and delivery times for orders will vary depending on the type of shipment chosen and the availability in stocks.

All our products incorporate information about their availability based on the following criteria:

In Stock: the product is available in the warehouse for shipment.
Available in 4-15 days. Sold out. Stringsfield takes charge of its own stock of products but can not assume that the distributors / manufacturers in Spain of the various products and brands with which we work keep us promptly informed of their own stocks. In the event that the distributor / manufacturer does not have units for the supply of our warehouses, Stringsfield can not guarantee this delivery period.

Stringsfield will try to inform its customers of the availability of the stocks of these products, although we can not be responsible for the products being pending manufacturing or subject to international trade, customs procedures, etc.

According to the contract established with the courier companies FedEX and MRW, and provided that we have the products in stock, the delivery times will be the following:

shipping: It is delivered in 24/48 hours the day following the processing of the order. It is very important that customers take into account local and national festivities that affect both Valencia and the destination.
Shipping: depending on the country, it is delivered between 2-7 days. Please notice that outside UE may cause Customs duties.

All orders will be dispatched on the same day of your confirmation as long as they are received before 2:00 p.m. with the exception of those that contain products that are not in stock, as well as those whose mode of payment is Transfer that will come out when Stringsfield has proof that the payment has been made (1-4 calendar days, in function of the bank). Orders placed between 2:00 p.m. on Friday and 9:30 p.m. on Monday will not be processed for dispatch until the same Monday, because courier companies do not provide delivery or transfer service during that period as courier companies modify their own delivery times due to the weekend. For this reason, no claims will be accepted regarding delivery times for orders placed in this interval. In Stringsfield we work to get our customers to have their products as quickly as possible, but, for this reason, Stringsfield is not responsible, in any case, for delays suffered by causes beyond their control.

What does it mean that my order is processed?

It means that we have prepared and processed it in our database and that we have proceeded to package it and prepare it so that the corresponding courier company can transport it to its place of destination. Due to the current situation of Correos España, the parcels delivered to the Postal Office only have one departure time, which corresponds to 4:00 p.m. Peninsula time. For this reason, for all orders placed after 12.00 from Stringsfield we can not guarantee that the shipping process will start until 4:00 PM the following day. On Saturdays and holidays there is NO CASH, so the computation of days will run as specified.

IMPORTANT: These terms may vary in cases where the merchandise is not in stock, or for reasons attributable to the distributors / brand suppliers, or merchandise shipping services, in which case the customer will be notified promptly informing him of the new delivery terms. Delivery times may also vary due to summer dates or national or local festivities. Stringsfield is not responsible for the reduction of hours or personnel that is usually carried out by the Post Office or the courier companies for holidays or holidays, and which understandably affects the aforementioned deadlines.

In the event that once the order is placed, the client wishes to extend it or make any changes to it, he should contact, indicating the order number and the type of incident. In these cases, can not guarantee that the aforementioned delivery deadlines will be effective.


The payment of your purchases can be made through:

Debit / credit card: through this modality you can make your purchases with full guarantee using our SERVIRED payment gateway provided by the SabadellCam bank. This payment method does not entail any surcharge.
Bank transfer: once the order is confirmed, a breakdown of the order will be sent to your email along with the notification of the credit account. We will proceed to the shipment once we have received the deposit in our bank account as long as products with immediate availability have been requested. Remember that some banks may take 1-2 business days to make the transfer effective, and the account income may take a minimum of 24 hours to be reflected in our system. When making the payment the client must necessarily indicate as a concept: Order No.- Name and surname (Example: Order 367, Luis Bárcenas) This payment method does not entail any surcharge by Stringsfield, although it is possible that the customer's bank I can charge you some commission. When in doubt, check with your entity the conditions of your account. Important: Orders with this payment method that are not paid to the Stringsfield account within 7 calendar days after order confirmation, will be canceled automatically after the expiration of that period.
ATTENTION: Many banks charge a fee for CASH ON-COUNTRY INCOME. Our institution, the bank of Sabadell, imposes a commission of € 2 in income on account of which the user is not the owner. Commissions can vary from € 1.5 to € 5. When you select the payment method, Transfer between accounts is not selecting Cash income, which is something completely different, and therefore Stringsfield is not responsible for the commission that your bank may charge or require in the event that the customer decides to do Income in cash. We remind the clients that this commission is a commission of dubious legality imposed by the Spanish banking system, and that it has nothing to do with the operations of Stringsfield.

PayPal: Allows you to pay securely through your payment gateway with your credit card or by charging it directly to your account. You can choose the way that suits you best. To benefit from the payment method with Paypal, you must first register for your service at This payment method is necessarily associated with the certified / urgent shipping method to protect the shipments. The method of payment via PayPal will have a surcharge of 2.9% for collection management expenses as shown in the breakdown of the price.


For those orders whose amount is high, Stringsfield reserves the right to request documentation proving the ownership of the card used.